Tatemae is a designer line of vinyl slipmats.

Tatemae’s slipmats are the perfect accessory for the listening spaces of every vinyl collector, audiophile, DJ, curator, scratcher, creative, selector, and every other vinyl lover in between. 

Our philosophy is simple: vinyl slipmats should be just as charming as the records they’re designed to protect.  We believe that this simple and often overlooked vinyl accessory can breathe life into your listening space and enhance your vinyl toolkit.  Inspired by the culture of high-fidelity vinyl appreciation in Japan, our label derives its name from the Japanese concept of Tatemae (建前, pron. ta-te-my-eh), which signifies the idea of one’s outward and public display.   

Our professional-grade mats are all 12”, 100% polyester, and sustainably produced.  Each mat is designed to maximize audio fidelity and protect your records from unwanted damage.  Browse our collection and enhance your listening space with one of our custom-made slip mats. 

A word from the founder.  

Hi, I’m Ben.  I’m Australian born-and-bred, and New York based.  I’m a vinyl lover and audiophile. 

I founded Tatemae to solve a very simple problem: vinyl slipmats are pretty boring.  For the most part, they're nothing more than a functional piece of black fabric.  I recently wanted to jazz up my home listening station by replacing my standard black slipmat with something more interesting.  But I quickly learned that the majority of slipmats for sale were rubbish. 

This very simple problem soon became a bigger vision.  I saw an opportunity to elevate the listening space of every vinyl lover out there.  I founded Tatemae to provide an accessory that will hopefully complement the great vinyl revival of the 21st century.  I hope you find something you like.